GNOME 3.0 Marketing Hackfest

Zaragoza, May 4-7, 2010


  • Agustín Benito Bethencourt, ASOLIF
  • Alberto Capella, Technological Institute of Aragón
  • Ignacio Ignacio Correas, CESLA
  • Stormy Peters, GNOME Foundation
  • Paul Cutler, GNOME Foundation Marketing Lead


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Relevant GNOME team

GNOME teams: marketing, art, release


The GNOME Marketing team would like to meet to define and launch the GNOME 3.0 launch plans.

The regional governments of Zaragoza and Aragon are interested in free software and want to support initiatives that help companies and public administrations to develop and use free software.

The municipality is migrating to free software. They already have done part of that migration. Now they have finished the plan for migrating their desktops (GNOME) so they are very interested in talking to GNOME directly.

Agenda, goals



  • Tuesday
    • 10-11:00 Press Conference
    • 11-2:00 GNOME Marketing Hackfest
    • 2-4:00 Lunch
    • 4-5:00 meeting with CESLA/ASOLIF
    • 5:00-7:00 GNOME Marketing Hackfest
  • Wednesday
    • 9-2:00 GNOME Marketing Hackfest
    • 2-4:00 Lunch
    • 4-5:00 meeting with ITA
    • 5:00-7:00 GNOME Marketing Hackfest
  • Thursday
    • 9:30-2:00 GNOME Marketing Hackfest
      • Demo HOWTO working out: Andreas, Jason, Paul
      • Thoughtleadership/outreach listmaking: Ryan, Sumana, Vincent
      • GNOME Ambassadors material writing: Bharat, Licio

      • Brochure work? Bharat, Andreas
      • Videos: Jason
      • [half-hour break!]
      • Videos (1 comp, 4 scripts including some a11y, HOWTO/template): Jason
      • Talking points wordsmithing, apps & components drilldown: Stormy, Paul, Ryan, & Sumana

    • 2-4:00 Lunch
    • 4-5:00 meeting with Zaragoza Municipality
    • 5:00-7:00 GNOME Marketing Hackfest
      • Messaging to, for, and with distros: giving distros messages to use, working with distros, ways we can support their GNOME 3 messaging - Licio, Vincent, Stormy
      • Video work: Jason
      • Other wrapup & execution plan, ownership - everyone

      • Sumana's postmortem
  • Friday
    • 10-2:00 Public Event
    • 2-4:00 Lunch
    • 4-7:00 Touristic Tour

Measuring your success

  • Established relationships with local government
  • Have a complete GNOME 3.0 launch plan
  • Have a plan for creating videos for GNOME 3.0
  • Attendance from our downstream partners




Arrival flight, date and time

Departure date and time

What you want to work on

Stormy Peters

GNOME Foundation

2010-05-03 8:35 AM @BCN

2010-05-09 10:35 AM @BCN

Jason D. Clinton

2010-04-29 09:35 @Madrid 05-03 13:48 @Zaragoza

2010-05-07 19:22 @BCN 05-10 16:10 @Paris CDG

Video production

Vincent Untz

GNOME Foundation / Novell

Andreas Nilsson

2010-05-03 16:00 @Madrid

2010-05-09 06:15 @Madrid

Design and graphics

Paul Cutler

GNOME Foundation / Novell

2010-05-03 09:35 @Madrid

2010-05-08 20:10 @Madrid

Sumana Harihareswara

volunteer, GNOME Journal

2010-05-03 11:00 @Madrid 17:48 @Zaragoza

2010-05-07 17:20 (5:20pm) @Madrid

Writing, editing, and project management

Bharat Kapoor

2010-05-03 07:25 @Madrid 17:48 @Zaragoza

2010-05-09 10:00 @Madrid

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Licio Fonseca

2010-05-03 06:45 @Madrid 17:48 @Zaragoza

2010-05-09 12:30 @Madrid

Marketing plans and Strategies, Knowledge base

Ryan Singer


GNOME 3 Launch strategy and plan

Dani Baeyens

Warp Networks

Living @ Zaragoza

Living @ Zaragoza

Anything that could be useful and local support. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have *any* problem during your stay in Zaragoza


  • Venue, food and hotel to be covered by local sponsor
  • Travel to be covered by GNOME Foundation and other sponsors
  • Food during travel, taxis and incidentals to be covered by attendees

How to get there

Useful Saragossa * Flights from almost everywhere to Aeropuerto de Zaragoza/Saragossa Airport: Skycheck - flights Saragossa

Accommodation and food

* Hotel booked for the event (from May 3rd through May 7th): Hotel Reino de Aragon

Previous discussions, organization threads, drafts, relevant links, etc

(!) <list of any resource like mailing lists, forums, wiki pages, etc where this has been discussed so far>

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