Topics and Schedule for the Zeitgeist Hackfest 2009


We start at 9:00 am. We will meet each day in the main room for a daily kick off meeting (30 minutes) and then work in groups on specific problems. We will come together for a 60 minutes summary and presentation meeting at 17:00.


(I've add the participants based on the feedback on, feel free to add/remove yourself. People in bold will prepare some input to kickoff the discussion, coding sessions, ...)

Zeitgeist Engine - Roadmap

Alexander, Markus, Mikkel , Siegfried, Seif

  • Which kind of release concept are we following? Time- or featurebased?
  • How frequently do we plan to release? How frequently major, and how frequently minor releases?
  • What's the best way to get a frozen API at some point?

Quick brief about the current status of the engine and problems we are facing

Markus, Siegfried, Seif, Markus

Discussion with people of the Sugar project

Markus, Siegfried, Seif, Federico

Rewriting the engine in C, Vala, ...

Mikkel, Siegfried, Seif, Federico

Refactor DB and start Tracker Item and Annotations (not events)

Mikkel, Siegfried, Seif, Frade


Markus, Mikkel, Siegfried, Seif, Frade Frade: i guess this include the combination Zeitgeist/Tracker, what is complementary, what can be overlapping and how to integrate both things together.

Some proposals to discuss:

  • Using maemo5/N900 as testbed for zeitgeist. (Frade)
    • N900 has users, known public repositories, python and is an open platform full of know components from GNOME/Freedesktop world. Perfect environment to experiment with zeitgeist. What about write a sample application for it?
  • GNOME3: some key use cases (GNOME Shell + Zeitgeist + Tracker) (Frade)

Gnome Activity Journal

Federico, Seif (anyone else?)

What do we need for a 1.0?

How do we get frequent testers / guinea pigs?

What lessons can we learn from the Sugar Journal?

How to put the Journal into gnome-shell without rewriting it?

Does anyone need some help with Git?

General topics

We need snapshot packages or at least per-version packages available for all popular distributions.

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