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I'm the lead for the Orca Screen Reader project as well as the GNOME accessibility project in general. I've been involved in Making the X Window System Accessible to People with Disabilities for nearly 20 years, having helped create things such as:

I'm also the maintainer for gnome-speech, though the work I put into it is mostly for sustaining purposes. I'd like to migrate it off of Bonobo/ORBit someday and move it to something else (DBUS?), but I just don't have time.

Other things I've have led in the past include:

  • FreeTTS - an open source speech synthesis system.

  • Sphinx-4 - a speech recognition system.

You can usually find me on the #orca channel on irc.gnome.org. Check out my band, too: Russell Hill. It's one of the most pleasant musical groups I've ever been in.

Willie Walker (irc.gnome.org nick -- WillieWalker)

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