Will Morris

Email: <snow.open.ski@gmail.com>

Hi, my name is Will Morris. I am new to the gnome community and hope that I can start to help right away. I have some experience with community work, as I have worked with the fedora project for a few years as a documentation writer and as an Ambassador.

When I am not at my computer I love to be outside and in nature. I live 30 minutes from the Adirondack State Park where the is more than enough hiking that I can do any day. If I can't get to a trail I like to just bike, run, or play ultimate frisbee.

I look forward to helping soon, I don't want to jump in over my head too early, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to help. I want to start to take on some small tasks to get my feet wet and see how things are done. If you have any questions you can reach me at willmorris@jabber.org, william.g.morris.iv on skype. I will try and get on irc soon so people can catch me there too.

Todo list

Figure out the irc channel and join

Find a small project to start working on

Finished Project


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