GNOME User Group Guidelines

GNOME User Group Requirements

  • Any GNOME Users Group must have a focus on the GNOME Desktop or the GNOME community.
  • A GNOME Users Group can be a separate organization, or a subgroup of a larger group. For example, it could be a subgroup of a GNU/Linux Users Group.
  • The GNOME Desktop is free software. GNOME User Groups should promote free software both within the group and in relationships with other organizations. GNOME User Groups should make an effort to foster a positive message about both GNOME and free software.

  • It is necessary for any GNOME Users Group to have a contact person who can act as a representative for the group and who accepts responsibility to ensure that the guidelines are followed. If the GNOME Users Group has a president, then the president would be a good person to fill this role. For example, this person will be responsible to ensure that the GNOME User's Group follows the requirements regarding how to use the GNOME brand.
  • GNOME User Group members are expected to follow the GNOME Code of Conduct at GNOME related functions and interactions, and the GNOME Speaker Guidelines when representing GNOME as a speaker.

  • Most importantly, have fun!


The GNOME community tends to use country localization codes for national GNOME Users Groups. So, for example the mailing list or the #gnome-dk IRC channel would be used for the Denmark GNOME Users Group.

  • GNOME Users Groups should have a mailing list and a website. These resources can be provided by The GNOME Foundation if requested.
    • Mailing lists for many GNOME Users Groups can be found at the GNOME Mailing List information site.

  • GNOME Users Groups should create an IRC channel on
  • GNOME Users Groups are encouraged to have face-to-face meetings if possible.

Using GNOME in an Internet Domain Name

If a GNOME Users Group is interested in having its own domain (e.g. GNOME.xx), then please contact The GNOME Foundation to discuss the options before registering the domain yourself.

Using the GNOME brand

GNOME Users Groups may make use of the GNOME brand but must follow the GNOME Brand Guidelines. The GNOME brand can be used on posters and club correspondence, for example. However, a Users Group must first sign the GNOME User Group License Agreement before using the brand. The agreement form provides more detail about how the brand can be used.

GNOME Users Groups who have signed the agreement may also create GNOME branded merchandise and sell it, as long as the profits are used only for GNOME Users Group activities or promotion. Profits from selling such merchandise must be held in a tax free charity. The GNOME Foundation is a registered charity and can hold funds for any GNOME Users Group which is not a charity. Refer to the GNOME Foundation Trademark FAQ for more information.

Any usage or modification of the GNOME brand must be approved by The GNOME Foundation to make sure that it meets quality criteria and Brand Guidelines. Send examples of how you intend use the GNOME brand to and get approval before use.

Contacting The GNOME Foundation

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