GNOME 2.29.x Development Series

GNOME 2.29.x is an unstable development series intended for testing and hacking purposes. GNOME uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development status, so this unstable 2.29.x series will eventually become the official 2.30 stable release. There are many ways you can get involved.

Plans for this release are documented on the RoadMap page. These plans do not necessarily cover every module and every feature that will be worked on, nor are they guaranteed to arrive in time. Maintainers, please keep the RoadMap page up to date where you can. :-)

When we are near feature-freeze, please mention the new features for the /ReleaseNotes.

Important information for module maintainers:

Release Suites


An iCal file is available at
This webcal schedule link might make subscribing easier.


  • Please do not add comments here. Keep any discussion streamlined on desktop-devel mailing list.





Cleanup targets

August 2009


Aug 10

Start of new (app) modules proposal period for 2.30

September 2009


Sep 21

GNOME 2.28.0 stable tarballs due

Sep 23

GNOME 2.28.0 stable release



Oct 19

GNOME 2.28.1 stable tarballs due

Oct 21

GNOME 2.28.1 stable release


Oct 26

GNOME 2.29.1 unstable tarballs due

End of new (app) modules proposal period

Module inclusion discussion for 2.30 heats up.

ZERO modules with Gtk-Deprecated-Symbols. We try to break API now wherever required (e.g. for Evolution-Data-Server).

ZERO modules depending on Libart_lgpl. Means: EOG.

Less than 5 modules depending on libglade.

gnome-panel must not depend on bonobo anymore, so other modules depending on gnome-panel can also get rid of their bonobo dependencies. --> VincentUntz.

Evolution-exchange either MUST not depend on bonobo anymore, or for 2.29.5 evolution-mapi MUST have feature parity with Evolution-exchange.

Oct 28

GNOME 2.29.1 unstable release



Nov 2

Release Team meets about new module decisions for 2.30 with community input up to this point.


Nov 9

Module Freeze: new modules for 2.30 are chosen now.


Nov 16

GNOME 2.29.2 unstable tarballs due

New a11y infrastructure must be in place. If there will be regressions we define them now and clearly announce them in advance for 2.30.

Less than 5 modules depending on libgnome.

Less than 5 modules depending on libgnomeui.

Less than 4 modules depending on Bonobo.

Nov 18

GNOME 2.29.2 unstable release


Nov 30

GNOME 2.29.3 unstable tarballs due

ZERO modules depending on gnome-canvas. Means: Evolution, gtkhtml, anjuta.



Dec 02

GNOME 2.29.3 unstable release


Dec 14

GNOME 2.28.2 stable tarballs due

Dec 16

GNOME 2.28.2 stable release


Dec 21

GNOME 2.29.4 unstable tarballs due

ZERO modules (except for libglade) depending on Bonobo/Orbit.

ZERO modules depending on libgnome or libgnomeui.

Dec 23

GNOME 2.29.4 unstable release

January 2010


Jan 11

GNOME 2.29.5 unstable tarballs due

String Change Announcement Period: All string changes must be announced to both gnome-i18n@ and gnome-doc-list@.

UI Change Announcement Period: All user interface changes must be announced to gnome-doc-list@.

ZERO modules depending on libglade. All modules must have migrated from libglade to GtkBuilder.

Jan 13

GNOME 2.29.5 unstable release


Jan 18

API/ABI Freeze for 2.29.x: developer APIs should be frozen at this point.


Jan 25

GNOME 2.29.6 unstable tarballs due

Feature Freeze: new functionality is chosen now.

Jan 27

GNOME 2.29.6 unstable release



Feb 01

New APIs must be fully documented

Writing of release notes begins


Feb 08

GNOME 2.29.90 beta tarballs due

UI Freeze: No UI changes may be made without approval from the release-team and notification to the GDP (gnome-doc-list@)

Feb 10

GNOME 2.29.90 beta release


Feb 15

Start of new (app) modules proposal period for GNOME 3.0


Feb 22

GNOME 2.29.91 beta tarballs due

String Freeze: no string changes may be made without confirmation from the l10n team (gnome-i18n@) and notification to both the release team and the GDP (gnome-doc-list@).

Feb 24

GNOME 2.29.91 beta release



Mar 08

GNOME 2.29.92 rc tarballs due

Mar 10

GNOME 2.29.92 rc release


Mar 15

Hard Code Freeze: no source code changes can be made without approval from the release-team. Translation and documentation can continue.


Mar 29

GNOME 2.30.0 newstable tarballs due

Hard Code Freeze ends, but other freezes remain in effect for the stable branch.

Mar 31

GNOME 2.30.0 newstable release



Apr 26

GNOME 2.30.1 newstable tarballs due

Apr 28

GNOME 2.30.1 newstable release

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