Orca 2.20.0 Release Notes


  • Much improved support for Firefox 3 and Thunderbird 3

  • Much improved support for OpenOffice

  • Much improved support for the Java platform

  • Much improved support for GAIM/Pidgin

  • Support for application-specific and application-unique settings
  • Support for custom pronunciations of words
  • Support for "Say All" by sentences
  • Support for customizable text attributes to be presented via speech and braille
  • Improved support for "Where am I", including ability to present default button in a dialog
  • Support for bookmarked objects
  • Support for tooltips
  • Support for progress bars
  • Support for "balloon type" messages from notification area
  • Support for the gnome-mud application (thanks Javier!)
  • New Tango icons (thanks Stephen Brandt!)
  • Work on regression testing

  • Inclusion of experimental support for SpeechDispatcher


  • Respect key echo settings, but force key echo to "star" when we can detect we're in a password field
  • More dynamic presentation of objects and their states in flat review
  • Better tracking of where a "Say All" operation was interrupted by the user
  • Better handling of broken communication between Orca and gnome-mag
  • Elimination of problem where using BrlTTY can consume all of the CPU
  • Work on memory leaks
  • Prevent silence when encountering image-only table cells
  • Much work on i18n/l10n with our translators (thanks translators!)


  • See the open bugs in the Orca bug database. We not only track Orca bugs in the Orca bug database, we also track bugs in other components that affect Orca's ability to provide good access to them.

  • NOTE: Compiz is not accessibility friendly at this point in time. We do not recommend its use right now, and recommend you stick with Metacity until the Compiz kinks are worked out. If you're using Compiz and want to switch to Metacity, you can run the following command: metacity --replace.

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