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Usability improvements

Ease of use is one of the highest priorities of GNOME, and contributors continue to ensure that GNOME adheres to the highest standards of software usability. GNOME 2.16 includes updates that simplify changing file permissions, reporting bugs, using the Deskbar applet, and creating application launchers.

Change file permissions comfortably

Sometimes it's necessary to change the file permissions of everything within a certain folder. Changes to the file manager now support this: simply right-click folder and select "Properties > Permissions".

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GNOME 2.16 also introduces fine-grained control of file permissions with support for access control lists and Security-enhanced Linux (SELinux) attributes.

Simplified bug reporting

To ensure that GNOME bugs are resolved quickly, developers depend on bug reports provided by users. To simplify the process of filing bug reports, the Bug-Buddy utility is now automatically launched when a GNOME application crashes. To help users save time, the new version asks fewer questions and displays everything in a single window.

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Improvements to Deskbar

Now Deskbar, a powerful utility for searching your files and the web, is even faster to use and takes up less space on your screen. Pressing Alt+F3 (or clicking on its icon) allows you to directly enter search terms -- your hands can remain on the keyboard all the time.

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Ready for take-off

Launchers are a flexible means to start a particular application, to execute a command, or to open a particular folder or Web page. GNOME 2.16 streamlines the process of creating custom launchers with a redesigned, easy-to-use dialog.

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