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Looking forward to GNOME 2.18

GNOME operates on a time-based release schedule, an attempt to continuously provide the best of our developers' efforts to users as quickly as we can. The following features are on the radar of GNOME developers and may land in the next few releases.

  • Further improvements to Metacity's compositor capabilities.
  • Continueing consolidation of GTK+ and GNOME libraries to ease development and deployment of GNOME applications, via Project Ridley.
  • An upgrade of bugzilla.gnome.org to Bugzilla 3.0, and related changes to Bug-Buddy to work with any Bugzilla 3.0+ bugtracker if possible.

For further information, see the GNOME roadmap on our wiki.

Get Involved

Helping GNOME is a rewarding, satisfying, and positive experience. You will join with hundreds of dedicated enthusiasts from all walks of life and places on the globe. Skilled and motivated contributors to GNOME may find new doors and opportunities open for them in the form of recognition, speaking appearances, and gainful employment.

Your contribution to GNOME can be as simple as filing good bug reports in our bug tracking system, Bugzilla. The simple bug assistant will be able to guide you through filing your first bugs with us. Become a Friend of GNOME to help us move forward.

A lot of exciting progress is being made daily in our active developer groups - accessibility, documentation, usability, translation, web, testing, graphics, performance, desktop and platform development.

Join us today and see what a difference you can make.

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