How to request sponsorship for an event (e.g. GUADEC, GNOME.Asia or a hackfest)

  1. Check if you and the event are eligible for sponsorship

  2. Fill and send your application form to

  3. Wait patiently for a response from the Travel Committee, you will either be:
    • Offered sponsorship
    • Asked for more details
    • Asked to update your application
    • Sent a rejection
  4. Accept the offer
  5. Book your travel
  6. Send your receipts to no later than two weeks after the event:

    • Send PDFs of email receipts for flight tickets, etc.

    • Scans and photos need to be cropped to show only the receipt and, if needed, scaled to a maximum height or width of 1200 pixels
  7. Write your report, preferably in blog form, following instructions on the travel sponsorship page

  8. You will receive a confirmation of receipt
  9. You will be reimbursed

Things to keep in mind during the process

  • Be patient, we are volunteers.
  • If it is taking too long and you see prices could significantly raise -or something similar- please ping a member of the committee.
  • DO NOT BUY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A VERY CLEAR CONFIRMATION: applying does not mean you are approved and silence does not mean approval.

  • Find the best fares for tickets and accommodation: look at various airlines and routes, try to avoid agencies since they usually charge 10% or 20% extra.
  • The travel committee use to verify flight prices.

  • Find a roommate to save on lodging costs where possible, ask if you need help.
  • Ask for only what you need: if you can afford to pay for some of your ticket or lodging, we would really appreciate it as that means we can help more people.
  • Be responsible, the money you save is the money we will use to fund someone else or even yourself again.

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