As the new small event policy was not working out, the Foundation board proposed on 2014-05-06 to delegate all travel sponsorship handling back to the Travel Committee…

One of the main issues previously was that there was a delay between the board approving a hackfest or event and notifying the Travel Committee of the event and the assigned budget. To reduce the communication delays, the board took on handling sponsorship for small events, such as hackfests, in 2013. Unfortunately, this increased the burden on the hackfest organisers and the board in an unsustainable manner. As a result, an alternative manner of working with the Travel Committee has been thought up:

The board will assign a biannual budget for small events to the Travel Committee on the 1st of October and the 1st of April. Based on the hackfest spending between 2010 and 2013, around USD 40000 would be a suitable annual budget. This budget is in addition to a GUADEC budget (normally EUR 30000) and a GNOME.Asia budget (which is negotiated with the local organisers). With the exception of GSoC and OPW allowances, the Travel Committee will not take into account any other sponsorship or external funding.

The assigned small event budget will not be treated as a target or a limit and will be flexible in that the Travel Committee can ask the board at any time to increase it, but will also not aim to use all of it up.

In essence, the Foundation board will delegate sponsorship distribution to the Travel Committee.

In return, the Travel Committee will report to the Foundation on a biannual basis with details of spending on events.

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