Translations tasks

This page is intended to be a live page where translation project coordinators, or whoever wants, can add tasks, either global or specific to each localization, that the creator thinks it would be easy to be done by someone without too much knowledge on the topic.


For the language specific tasks, please see the contact details on

For the global tasks, please ask for advice on GNOME-i18n mailing list: (gnome-i18n at gnome dot org)

Global tasks

  • (for native English speakers) Review the POT files for consistency and spelling errors. -- Gil Forcada

  • Create a global terminology (best if coordinated with the GNOME Documentation team) to be used as a reference for both translators and programmers. -- Gil Forcada

  • Perform general quality control checks for consistency by using poconflicts and inverted poconflicts analysis from the Translate Toolkit to identify instances where the same English message has been translated differently. ChrisLeonard

  • Add your own ideas here

Per language tasks



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