/!\ If you want to start contributing your translations to GNOME, please create an account on l10n.gnome.org. Information on this page does not affect you.

New Git accounts are currently being reserved to language team maintainers, committers should handle their translations directly from the Damned Lies web interface as explained here.

Who are these instructions for?

The instructions that will follow should apply in the following two cases:

  1. Your language is not yet available on l10n.gnome.org and you are proposing it and yourself as being the future maintainer for the language.
  2. Your language team coordinator is not active / responding to pings anymore and you need to take over its role.

What to do if you find yourself in one of the above two situations

What to do in order to receive a Git account for performing your maintainer duties is now explained:

  1. Mail the GNOME i18n coordinators at <gnome-i18n AT gnome DOT org> explaining the current situation for your language team and why you are willing to take over maintainership for the team. (in the case the maintainer is away for a long time or not active anymore)

  2. Wait for the GNOME i18n coordinators approval on the list. They will then upgrade your account and set you as the maintainer for the language team.
  3. Mail <accounts AT gnome DOT org> requesting a Git account for performing your maintainer's duties. Please follow the "manual way" as instructed at AccountsTeam/NewAccounts#Alternative_Manual_Process.

  4. Wait for your account to be created (this can take one or two days) and meanwhile read the relevant docs at TranslationProject/GitHowTo and TranslationProject/AccountResponsibilities.


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