Translating Release Notes


  1. Grab POT or PO file for your language from

  2. Translate it. Add a credit for yourself in your translation, after the list of writers.
  3. Clone the release-notes module and checkout the latest branch (e.g. git clone and git checkout -b gnome-3-8 origin/gnome-3-8)

  4. Put your translation to release-notes/help/LANG/LANG.po where LANG is your language code
  5. Add your LANG to release-notes/help/ (HELP_LINGUAS variable)
  6. Create localised screenshots and put them in LANG/figures/ subdirectory.
  7. Commit your work and push.
  8. Track changes on and update as necessary

  9. Look at to see generated HTML for your language


If there are any typos in original document, please fix them using "en" translation (replace LANG with "en" in above instructions). For some things, you'll also want to notify translators about that using and add a translators' comment in source XML files (see examples in "rnwhy.xml" for MandrakeSoft/Mandriva rename).


Ideally, you will create screenshots that show the translated software. They should be as similar as possible to the original screenshots. The file name should be the same as the original, and in the PNG format.

Instructions for making screenshots:

  1. If the screenshot contains part of the background, it's only a matter of taking a screenshot of the entire screen (e.g. with gnome-screenshot or Gimp), then cutting the unnecessary part of the image with an image editor.
  2. If the screenshot consists in a unique window, use gnome-screenshot with the following settings:



If the document don't show up on or if there is strange things in your document, you can test the XML generation to see if all goes well.

Make sure you have gnome-doc-utils installed:

pkg-config gnome-doc-utils --modversion

should show a version number.

$ git clone
$ cd release-notes
$ git checkout -b gnome-3-8 origin/gnome-3-8
$ ./
$ make

Then view the XML document in the subdirectory for your language:

$ yelp help/LANG/release-notes.xml


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