This page contains GUADEC 2012 BoF session notes concerning outreach programs. RūdolfsMazurs and GilForcada are responsible for these efforts. AndreKlapper

Outreach plan

Google Code In

Lot of the stuff covered here comes from experience form previous year.

AndreKlapper should ping us about developments of GCI program (deadlines, criteria and other information).

Getting mentors

Inform mailing list of developments and ask for ideas for tasks. Make some template tasks, which can be used by all/many translation teams. Convince each team to get more than 1 mentor.

Getting students

Ask marketing team to make some designs for flyers/posters, which can be distributed to schools. We can provide text. Distribution is done by local translation teams. Maybe google has some translatable materials.

Preparing tasks

Make a test po file, which would teach pupils basic translation techniques and help avoid pitfalls. They should cover speech forms, nplurals, false friends.

Make a list of priority/simple/fun po files, that are manageable for a student.

Making guidelines

Make (update) wiki pages on how to get started with translations quickly (even on windows boxes).

Get help from docs team.

Google Summer of Code

Ask maintainers of D-L and gtranslator, if they want to be mentors in GSoC program and what should be done.

Outreach Program for Women

Look for a native English speaker (or someone who is really fluent in English), to review original strings (not all programmers are English majors) and work with marketing team to work on terminology (consistency of terms across whole GNOME, not just across single module).

Focus on spelling, grammar, factual accuracy, add translator comments where necessary etc (just make it better). Consult with Marina about technical details.

Add mentors to GnomeLove/Mentors page.

Just reaching out to local communities

Talk with marketing team about marketing materials to encourage local languages to do translations.

If other langs have teams in LibreOffice and KDE, talk about GNOME translation. This is politically sensitive, because this could look like poaching. Better to contact translation coordinators and downstream translators (particularly Ubuntu translators).


when there are any updates on translations that are of interest to general public, ping RūdolfsMazurs or PetrKovar and they will blog about it (like, new teams, monthly status report (stats), string freezes (and later public shaming of modules)). Get GilForcada on planet Gnome.


Good work should be celebrated. Talk to marketing team on ways to say thanks. Some interviews or something.

Gnome control center

In Language selector tool put a link to existing gnome stats (talk with design team, if it is acceptable). This is sort of giving credit to whole teams, not just in modules individually.

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