New status pages for both docs and UI translations are on the way: "damned-lies" module in GNOME SVN.

There are many features already implemented, but there are many more ideas that need implementing.

Current features

  • integrated docs and UI translation status
  • support for external CVS repositories (eg. lets count stats for xkeyboard-config, gaim, gstreamer...)
  • string freeze tracking (mails to gnome-i18n on POT changes)
  • translated document XML files generation
  • more info per page (per-team, per-language, per-module, per-release pages)
  • better XML databases of modules, translation teams, Gnome people and releases
  • SVN support (need to think of better syntax in XML for this)
  • prettier ;)



  • downloadable MO files (and collections of those?) (Keld)
  • compendia for languages (Keld)
  • automatic generation of PO files for similar languages (Keld)
  • TM-based translations (Keld)
    • basically, lets allow a different msgmerge implementation (DaniloSegan, this was already in plan)

  • better "supportedness" measure (Danilo, idea described in HACKING)
  • embedded structure: save time and brain cycles by having other resources accessible from each page, and the overall structure visible (e.g. KDE status pages: features such as sidebar, search field, crumb trail back to program root, drop-down language list). Get the overall structure right first.
  • The posibility to choose to compare package status between languages, like for example to compare the translation status between Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.
  • The possibility to have another release (SVN) in which you can view all the translations from all the sources (gnome, gstreamer, etc, etc) with the development translations, instead of having it to keep translating after is a new string in SVN, it can be useful to keep track of how many strings are changing from release to release , so translation teams can make some approaches of how many time they have to invest translating the next release (GilForcada)

Docs translation

  • display generated XML documents with g-d-u stylesheets directly on the web (this is what already does)
  • more error checking
  • per-document page with more info
  • figures status tracking


  • Check mtimes of files listed in before regenerating POT file
  • procmail processing of cvs-commits list

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