The mailing list for the Gnome TranslationProject is our main way of communicating with each other. You need to monitor this mailing list for announcements that affect the translation process. The list regularly reports translation statistics, and provides a meeting-place where we can discuss a very wide range of translation issues. Keep your eye on this list, because things will happen. Bring your questions, and share your experience, by writing to


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The gnome-i18n archives contain all the previous posts to the list. You can search this archive, to find if your question has been asked and answered before. There's usually a lot of useful and interesting information in a mailing-list archive, so check out ours. :)

Interesting mails in the mailing list archive

Here are some of the archived topics which are particularly useful to translators:

FIXME: add more links to some e-mails in the archive that are of general use, so we prove that archives really are a useful resource :)

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