These are templates we use to send out to new team coordinators.

Welcome new teams

Support for LANGUAGE [CODE] is most welcome in GNOME. I've added your
name and e-mail address to the teams page at

now. Please verify that this listing is correct.

I've also sent a mail in private to you with a request for Bugzilla
details. Bugzilla is our bug tracker that we use for tracking bug
reports in software, and, in this case also translations. Please reply
to that mail as soon as possible.

Other than that, please ask around on this mailing list or at the IRC
channel #i18n on if you need help getting started. An
introduction to the translation process can be found at

Ask for Bugzilla details

-----Forwarded message-----
In GNOME Bugzilla ( we (and users) have the
possibility to file bugs in translations, under the "l10n" product.
Every language should have its own component under this product, but
currently this isn't the case
( I'm
writing to you as you're listed as language coordinator, and your
language currently lacks a component.
In order to add a component for your language, we need to know the
following information:

* language code
* language name (in English)
* language name (spelled in the language itself. We actually don't
  use this info in Bugzilla but on the
  page. Please replace non-ASCII characters with proper HTML escape
  sequences. See the HTML source code of that page for examples)
* default owner (must be a valid bugzilla account)
    The default owner is the person who should be assigned the bugs by
    default. If he or she doesn't have a bugzilla account, he or she can
    create one at
* default qa contact (must be a valid bugzilla account)
    The default QA contact is usually the person who should make sure
    the bug was fixed properly by the assignee. If the qa contact person
    doesn't yet have a bugzilla account, he or she can create one at This field is optional,
    you don't need to decide on a default qa contact if you don't want
* component description
    Usually of the form "Here you can place your bugs about
    $LANGUAGENAME [$LANGUAGECODE] translations". Example: "Here you can
    place your bugs about Swedish [sv] translations".
    If you have the possibility, try also to translate this into
    ASCII-only English, and we'll use the translation as well.

If you want, there's also the possibility to use a mailing list instead
of an individual for the default owner and/or default qa contact fields.
It's a bit more complicated; among other things you need access to the
mailing list configuration. Here is what you should do if you want a
mailing list in one or both of the fields above:

1) Create a bugzilla account for your mailing list, i.e. a Bugzilla
account with your list's address as account name.
2) Subscribe the bugzilla deamon address
( to your mailing list, but also
disable *ALL* mail from the mailing list to this address (If it's a
Mailman mailing list you can change's
mailing list options to NOMAIL).

Once you have all the required information (and have configured your
mailing list according to the above if you want to use a mailing list),
please send this information to me.

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