Notes from GUADEC 2015


  • Onboarding can be improved: Right now, the hub is Damned Lies and there is a 2 step process - read the guidelines for the team and join the mailing list.
  • What should go into an onboarding:
    • set of recommended terminology, terms / glossary
    • consistent voice, and minimal style guide
    • what are some tools that translation teams know and use and love, then it's up to each team to adopt them (the bottom line is that we want PO files)
    • how to test your translations or see the build
  • Mailing Lists: might not be the best way to get people onboarded.
  • Need a Django person! To help us add additional features to Damned Lies. Would preferably love working on localization.

Action Steps for the Translation Project

Other Notes

  • Lack web developers! Could have a GSoC for web developers. Challenges - need maintenance. CMS. Talk to the engagement team.
  • Can we add a page into the website in order to advertise areas where we need help? @Engagement team

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