IRC Meeting on 2012-11-04

Time and location

Meeting on 4th of November of 2012 at 20:00 UTC

GNOME i18n IRC channel on GNOME's server: #i18n channel on GIMPNET




(21.15.09) gforcada: so, should we start?

(21.16.17) kelemeng: gforcada: absolutely

(21.17.34) kelemeng: so, about the progress on the BoF points

(21.18.37) kelemeng: I have just resent my calendar proposal to desktop-devel-list, this time after subscribing

(21.18.49) gforcada: kelemeng: great!

(21.18.54) kelemeng: let's hope it gets some positive feedback

(21.19.47) gforcada: I hope so, as it would be so much easier for developers (I guess) that sending a mail or so, we just have to keep advertising it on the planet (I can do that every second month for example)

(21.21.18) kelemeng: yeah, that would be probably useful :)

(21.21.32) kelemeng: so let's say we are waiting for responses on this

(21.21.46) kelemeng: I have also sent a mail about stopping the translation of obsolete docs to the documentation list, no response to that yet

(21.23.50) gforcada: yeah, saw that too, I'm guessing that they will not like it that much

(21.24.07) gforcada: but at least is a way to tell them that we care (just as they do, of course)

(21.28.01) kelemeng: then, the priorities... I didn't had time to look into those. Two conferences in a month is too much, I guess :\

(21.28.32) kelemeng: um, splitting modules, I mean

(21.29.38) gforcada: I did some work locally on that

(21.30.29) gforcada: I tried it but we have some problems with gtk and locations...

(21.30.48) gforcada: I also send a proposal (no comments so far) about the splitting

(21.30.49) kelemeng: how so?

(21.31.41) gforcada: ?

(21.32.03) kelemeng: I mean what problems with gtk and locations?

(21.32.49) kelemeng: the new proposal is also something worth considering, only my time didn't allowed it yet

(21.33.20) gforcada: they have two ui po files that we want to show on different categories, but d-l has to have quite a few changes to allow this

(21.33.43) kelemeng: oh I see :(

(21.34.39) gforcada: I haven't tried it yet, but we could cheat...

(21.34.52) kelemeng: however, it's getting more urgent by the day, so please kick me if i don't come up with something by the end of the next week

(21.34.57) gforcada: creating 2 gtk+ modules ...

(21.35.16) gforcada: I will be in Japan by then :P

(21.36.04) kelemeng: no problem. pinging me on the list to feel myself ashamed could work too :P

(21.40.11) kelemeng: looking at the second proposal, mostly it makes sense, I think I'll continue with that

(21.42.54) kelemeng: what else? how is the dead modules work progressing?

(21.43.08) kelemeng: any way to help with that?

(21.43.57) gforcada: (about the second proposal) yes, we have to fill bugs though...

(21.44.38) gforcada: dead modules ... I looked into Andre's code and it's quite cool, it still pending to be integrated into d-l, but should not be that difficult

(21.45.03) gforcada: actually I can use the 14h trip to Japan (and the 14 back) to look at that :)

(21.45.31) kelemeng: that would be awesome :)

(21.47.35) kelemeng: one more thing came into my mind: we could create mail templates on the wiki, so that whenever it will be necessary to notify a developer, any team member will be able to do so

(21.47.49) kelemeng: the ones you already sent could be the base of these

(21.49.07) andre: uh yay

(21.52.29) gforcada: sorry I was taking dinner, done now :)

(21.52.37) gforcada: anything else to talk about? :)

(21.54.00) kelemeng: there is this bullet point on the meeting's page:

(21.54.01) kelemeng: Improve msgctxt strings (see mailing list discussion)

(21.55.06) kelemeng: IMHO, we should not talk much about this. someone needs to start coding, nothing else makes sense, as the biggest issue with intltool is the lack of manpower.

(21.57.25) gforcada: true, we could ask about mentoring in summer of code to improve this things ...

(21.58.08) kelemeng: yeah, that's a good idea. we can have quite a few i18n-related SoC projects next year

(21.59.25) gforcada: kelemeng: we need mentors though

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