GTP Coordination Team Actions

These are things TranslationProject/CoordinationTeam is in charge of.

New Teams

  1. New prospective coordinator emails gnome-i18n to ask for new team
  2. Check that all the steps in StartingATeam were followed

  3. Don't allow more than one coordinator per language (reason: we don't want to resolve disputes, that's what team coordinators will do for each of the teams)
  4. Add the coordinator to damned-lies/trunk/ and the team to damned-lies/trunk/ (see TranslationProject/UpdatingTeamData). If the coordinator does not have an svn account (yet), add an "x-" prefix before the user name.

  5. Reply to gnome-i18n and the requester to let everybody (including your fellow Coordination Team members) know that you are handling the request
  6. Add respective component for the language to l10n product to Bugzilla, or, if you don't have the privileges, file a bug for l10n without specifying a component. Use the name "LANGUAGE [ISO CODE]" (for example "German [de]")

Team Coordinator changes

Team Coordinators want to change email or for changing the coordinator use the same procedure:

  1. New coordinator (NEWEMAIL) emails the list about him taking over, CCing old coordinator (OLDEMAIL)

  2. Current coordinator emails requesting a change from old email address (OLDEMAIL) to new email address (NEWEMAIL)
  3. Email (privately!) OLDEMAIL with a special token requiring response to confirm change of coordinator/email to NEWEMAIL
  4. After receiving confirmation from OLDEMAIL with the special token, ACCEPT the change of coordinator/email (if you don't receive it, or receive a negative response from OLDEMAIL, then do not accept the change)
  5. If the change was accepted, follow instructions in TranslationProject/UpdatingTeamData to update team coordinator

  6. Check that Bugzilla l10n component points to an active mailing list, or the current coordinator

The page TranslationProject/TeamChangesState tracks current status of various ongoing changes.

String freeze handling

With the new procedure, we require two members of the TranslationProject/CoordinationTeam to approve a string freeze breakage.

Be sure to make yourself familiar with TranslationProject/HandlingStringFreezes which details reasons behind the string freeze and the entire procedure.

General guideline is: nothing except fixes for critical bugs (typos are not critical bugs) should be allowed, especially not in the last two weeks before the release.

If someone is granted a string freeze break, you should ask them to do a release as late as possible so translators have the time to update their translations.

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