Translator Account Responsibilities

There are a number of responsibilities associated with having a Git account, and some special responsibilities with having a translator Git account.

Pay Attention to the Instructions

The most important responsibility is that while you in general do not need to ask for permission in order to add a translation to a module (i.e. add a po file for your language in the po directory of a module), you will need to make sure that your po file is of a good quality and that it is syntactically valid and that it matches other requirements listed at the translation Git instructions page. If you are unsure about using Git, please make sure that you pay detail to following the process listed on that page. If the instructions are not properly followed, the module build process may break, and as a consequence many hundreds of other contributors may become frustrated since they may be stopped from continuing to work on their own contributions until the matter is resolved.

Ask for Permission

Furthermore, translator accounts technically have the same permissions as other accounts. However, for all other changes other than adding or editing translations for your own language, you will need to ask for permission before you commit any changes. For example, this means that you will have to ask the maintainer of the module for advance permission for any changes in code.

Revert Immediately if Asked to

If, for some reason, your committed change should cause complaints and you are asked to revert your commit (which however is very unlikely to happen if you always follow the already listed responsibilities), then you must revert the change as soon as possible.

Failure to follow any of these responsibilities, and any of the other general responsibilities that apply to accounts in general, may result in your account being revoked permanently. Having an account is a privilege, not a right.


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