GNOME 3.0 PromoDVD

10,000 GNOME 3.0 PromoDVD were donated to the GNOME Foundation, on behalf of the openSUSE Project. Those DVDs are great materials to have for events, where they can be distributed for free to visitors so they can try GNOME 3 on their computer later on. They are live images, with native x86 and x86-64 support (automatically detected).

The DVDs contain some files that can be used to demo GNOME (various videos, music tracks, pictures and documents).

Note that the image can be downloaded from

How to get some for your event?

We dispatched the 10,000 DVDs to five locations: US, Europe (Paris), Europe (Berlin), India and China.

The GNOME Foundation has provided budget to send DVDs to other locations so that they can be used at more events. If you want to receive DVDs, please get in touch with VincentUntz, and provide the following information:

  • how many DVDs do you need (they come in boxes of 100)
  • for which events (including date of the events) they are needed
  • deliver address + phone

We'll do our best to send DVDs to you.

Current stock




17 boxes

Europe (Paris)

8 boxes

Europe (Berlin)

8 boxes




20 boxes

Where did we send/use DVDs?

USA stock:

  • 2 boxes (200 DVD) to Michael Hill for Ottawa Linux Symposium
  • 1 Box in Portland, or (Sri) although I might take one more box for Open Source Bridge.

Europe (Paris) stock:

Europe (Berlin) stock:

India stock:

  • ???

China stock:

  • Novell Beijing 200
  • Symentec Beijing 10
  • Taizhong GUG 100
  • gaoxiong GUG 100
  • Taipei GUG 100
  • Hefei GUG 100
  • Chongqing GUG 100
  • Tianjin Linux User Group 100
  • Beijing Linux Users Group 100
  • GNOME Store & BGUG 100

  • 中科院开源协会 10
  • 成都西南交通大学linux用户组 50
  • 北京邮电大学开源软件协会 100
  • 天津大学自由软件联盟 100
  • 中国科学技术大学Linux User Group 100
  • SFD 500
    • Harbin University 100
    • Qingdao LUG 100
    • STU Linux Association 100
    • Phnom Penh LUG and Open Institute Cambodia 100 (received)
    • Vietnam 100
      • HueLUG 33
      • Saigon LUG 33
      • Hainoi LUG 34
  • Indonesia 100
  • Total 1970

Media files shipped on the DVDs

To help demo GNOME, the image comes with various media files:

Those files are all coming with friendly licenses (usually, a Creative Commons one, either BY or BY-SA).

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