The Seville University GNU/Linux user group SUGUS is going to make a great party to celebrate the gnome 3 lauch.

There will be talks and beers.


There are not a program now, but there will be one.

  • All day stand at University promoting gnome and free software.
  • Two or three talks by gnome developers.
  • Beers at the "Reina Mecedes" grass.


The event will be in Computer School in Seville University.


Some stuff that we might need:

  • Fliers, i.e. what is GNOME, why GNOME, ...
  • GNOME-3 installations: probably private Laptops, but some misc. Hardware (N800, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, ...) would be nice to show off GNOME-3.
  • GNOME-3 Media: A Live-CD running GNOME-3, maybe with a ready and working development environment (i.e. a *working* JHBuild setup ;-) )

  • A banner (2x1 meters or so) reading "GNOME"


Gnome3 list.

Helping People

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