The Seville University GNU/Linux user group SUGUS is going to make a great party to celebrate the GNOME 3 release and Emergya is going to help them.

There will be talks and beers


There are not a program now, but there will be one.

  • All day stand at University promoting gnome and free software.
  • Two or three talks by gnome developers.
  • Beers at the "Reina Mecedes" grass.

possible talks

  • Accesibilidad en GNOME, el desarrollo invisible. (danigm)
  • Proyecto gnome, pasado, presente y futuro
  • Cómo ser parte de la comunidad, desarrollando en gnome
  • Introducción a la programación gtk
  • ...

Charlas/Talleres propuestos


Charla / Taller

danigm, Edulix, Alex, ...

FlameTable, gnome vs kde

Daniel Garcia

Accesibilidad en gnome, el desarrollo invisible

Javier Hernández

Taller de introducción al uso de GSettings


The event will be in Computer School in Seville University.


Initially it will be on April 6th 2011.


Some stuff that we might need:

  • Fliers, i.e. what is GNOME, why GNOME, ...
  • GNOME-3 installations: probably private Laptops, but some misc. Hardware (N800, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, ...) would be nice to show off GNOME-3.
  • GNOME-3 Media: A Live-CD running GNOME-3, maybe with a ready and working development environment (i.e. a *working* JHBuild setup ;-) )

  • A banner (2x1 meters or so) reading "GNOME"


Helping People

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