Resources for GNOME 3.0 Launch parties

Existing information

Potential venues

Possible party venues might include university buildings, work venues, offices, local government buildings, clubs, restaurants, cafe, bar, etc.

Promote your parties

  • We are working on web banners, countdown and flyers for GNOME 3.0, you should be able to download the artwork soon for localization and usage. Please come back regularly to check it out!
  • You may download artworks of GNOME with generic message here, feel free to localize them to your language and upload them to share with others.

  • Free free to download GNOME 3.0 Banners, Tshirts, Stickers, Pins Artworks as well as GNOME posters, you can localize them to your language, don't forget to upload them to share with others!

  • Please help to promote GNOME 3 by bloging about your event and by sending us pictures. You can upload these pictures to your event page, send us a link of your blog post, or email them to gugmasters-list(at)gnome(dot)org. we will publish those event pictures and blog links in the website to share with everybody.
  • Please tag your pictures / blog posts related to GNOME 3.0 Launch Party to #gnome3parties

Activities ideas

  1. Introduction of GNOME and Getting involved in GNOME community

  2. GNOME 3.0 - screen cast or live demo
  3. GNOME 3.0 installfest
  4. Coding / Hacking on GNOME 3 (e.g. porting applications on GNOME 3)
  5. Other ideas (please write down your ideas to share with others)

Other ideas for your parties

  • SFD Start-up guide: lots of info on preparing an event, needs to be "GNOME adapted"

  • Stream entire launch / presentation from one location

  • If streaming is unreliable because of internet connections - send Video ahead of time to organizer.
  • Setup stations at remote locations installed with Gnome 3 for people to play around.
  • PC vendors could be solicited to setup booths @ remote locations with 3 to 7 PCs
    • Pitch: Vendors could pick campuses they would like to sponsor the party and setup a booth.
    • Could offer student, employee discounts for folks attending he launch party
    • Cheap and nice opportunity to get in front a captive crowd
    • Could sponsor food & beverages

    • Nice stage for recruiting pitch as that would be recruiting season too (allows more free-bees from firms at these parties)
    • Need volunteers (possibly alums) from Dell, HP, IBM, etc who can help coordinate with HR and marketing folks.

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