GNOME 3.0 Launch Party in Informatics & Business Institute Darmajaya Lampung 2011

GNOME 3.0 will be released on April and we will host the launch party, LET'S JOIN US!

Date and time : approximately in weekned at saturday 9 April 2011, at 9am - 1pm (4 hour).
Place : Informatics & Business Institute Darmajaya Lampung in DSC Building, 1st floor.
Capacity audience approximately for 250 people, projector and sound system.

Event Show:

  1. Introduction of GNOME 3.0 - demo / presentation.
  2. Hacking / Customizing on GNOME Shell.
  3. GNOME 3.0 in Ubuntu Linux.
  4. GNOME 3.0 installfest.

Speaker :

  1. Local User Ubuntu Member (Will be contact letter on).
  2. Profesional Ubuntu Developer (Will be contact letter on).
  3. Open Source University Meet Up Leader at Informatics & Business Institute Darmajaya Lampung.

Target Audience :

  • Students of Computer Science in Informatics & Business Institute Darmajaya Lampung.

  • Students from other University nearby.
  • Profesional Developer.
  • Public people who interest in.

Event will be sponsored by :

  • GNOME Fundation, with Party Goodies.
  • Campus for place / room and equipment for presentation and PC for demo GNEOME 3.0.
  • Local vendor for additional supponsord (hope so, working on it).

    This event will be organized by Community Of Network IBI Darmajaya and Community Of IT Development Skill CORE SKILL

Contact person : Davit Kurniawan;
Email :;
Currently now active as OSUM Leader & President Director CoreSkill

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