GNOME 3 Launch Party, Delhi

organised by GNOME Lovers in Delhi/NCR


The launch party is being organised on April 9th 2011 from 2pm to 6pm. The venue is still undecided.


We are doing registrations for the party on Facebook. Register at:

What needs doing

  1. Fix a venue. If you would like to host the event, get in touch.
  2. Give a presentation on "What is GNOME 3" and "Whats New in GNOME 3"
  3. Arrange the "GNOME 3 Cake"
  4. Bring a camera and take pictures
  5. Tweet and Share about the party
  6. Have fun at the party


This team makes all the decisions about the party, if you want to help organise, add yourself in the list below:

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