The Linux Unix User Group Sankt Augustin (LUUSA http://luusa.org) and the FrOSCon Crew (http://froscon.org). Open to everyone interested and their friends!


Hackerspace in the centre of Bonn/NRW/Germany/Earth/Milkyway... (http://netzladen.org)


Thursday 07.04.11 19:00 Uhr (CET)


To celebrate the new kickass release of gnome :-)


If the weather is good we will have a bbq. Independent of the weather club mate and k├Âlsch will be there so join the party.


If you like to participate actively by giving a speech, talk, demonstration, .... please contact us.

Feel free to bring food or beverages. We will update this page as soon as we have more details.

You can join our mailingslist on https://www.luusa.org/listen/listinfo/luusa or visit us in the silc channel (http://www.luusa.org/chat.php)

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