Berlin GNOME 3 Launch Lounge

The GNOME Berlin community is inviting you to come celebrate GNOME 3, the first major release of GNOME in almost a decade. The event will take place on Friday April 8th @ 7pm at the world-famous c-base at U/S Jannowitzbrücke. Entrance is free.

You can now sign up for the event on Facebook. If you don't do Facebook please list your name in the "Attendance" section at the bottom of this page.

We've scheduled a couple talks and some entertainment for the evening. See below for details. (Expect updates!)

Who's invited? Everybody! Whether you are a GNOME user, a GNOME developer or a GNOME contributor, you are invited. And, in fact, you are invited if you are into KDE, too. Whether you are young or old, have long hair or short hair, you are invited. If you speak German or English, or French or Spanish or any other language of this world, you are invited. In fact, it's kinda hard not being invited.

Und das ganze nochmal in kurz auf Deutsch: Am Freitag, dem 8. April, 19:00 in der c-base an der U/S-Bahn-Station Jannowitzbrücke findet die GNOME-3.0-Release-Party statt. Und du bist eingeladen! Es gibt nen DJ und kurze Vorträge. Und auch GNOME-3-Goodies sind zu haben. Alle sind willkommen! Eintritt frei! Unbedingt kommen!


  • Exploring GNOME 3: This talk will discuss the new features in GNOME 3 with a focus on the GNOME Shell.
  • The Desktop Summit in Berlin: Mirko Boehm, from the Desktop Summit local planning team, will give a short talk about The Desktop Summit and how Berliners can get involved.
  • GNOME OS: Lennart Poettering, of PulseAudio, systemd, Avahi fame, will give some insight into what the GNOME OS initiative is all about.


  • Daniel Holbach, of Ubuntu Community and hugging fame, will be performing a DJ set.

As a service to the community, Lennart will be available to fix anything you think he may have broken on your system. :P

The GNOME Foundation has supplied us with a limited number event goodies to distribute, so get there early to claim yours.

We hope to see you there.


Friday, April 8th, 19:00.


The world famous c-base.


Chris Kühl: blixtra (at) gmail (dot) com


*(if not using the Facebook event)

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