I'd like to host a ThreePointZero/LaunchParty in Augsburg, Germany.

At this point there is just a rough concept with sharing swag and presenting Gnome 3 to the attendees of the regular monthly LUG meeting. The goal is to attract and inform users about a new GNOME release and to present the benefits of the new version.


(quite rough)

  • Warm up
    • some free drinks including beer (of course - we're in Bavaria ;-) )

    • snacks
    • short retrospective view on Gnome during the last months/years
  • Presentation
    • with giving viewers the chance to ask questions
  • Testing time
    • passing some usb keys with Gnome Test Images
  • Open end


The venue will be the local Linux User Group meeting at LUGA e.V.. It is big enough and has infrastructure like projector, bar, Internet.


Some stuff that we might need:

  • Fliers, i.e. what is GNOME, why GNOME, ...
  • GNOME 3 installations: private notebooks. Some misc. hardware (N800, netbook, tablet, ...) would be nice to show off GNOME 3.
  • GNOME 3 Media: Some live discs/usb keys running GNOME 3.
  • A banner (2x1 meters or so) reading "GNOME"


Just contact me, everything else would be oversized at the moment.

Helping People

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