It'd be very cool to host a ThreePointZero/LaunchParty in Harbin, China.


Note: These are just ideas and is subject to discussion and change

Activities forms

1 Providing users the chance to participate in the program and get personal experience with the unique feature of Gnome

2 Organizing a tea party for users to exchange the experience in applying Gnome as well as ideas on Open Source Software

3 Holding certain knowledge contests (informal saying : quiz show)about Gnome and Open Source to promote the popularization of Gnome and Open Source among the universities in Harbin.

Apparently, GNOME-3 is about to be released on Wednesday, 2011-04-06. The program is settled around the first weekend of April in 2011 temporarily.


The activity is tentatively set in the campus of Harbin Institute of Technology


Some stuff that we might need:

  • Fliers, i.e. what is GNOME, why GNOME, ...
  • GNOME-3 installations: probably private Laptops, but some misc. Hardware (N800, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, ...) would be nice to show off GNOME-3.
  • GNOME-3 Media: A Live-CD running GNOME-3, maybe with a ready and working development environment (i.e. a *working* JHBuild setup ;-) )

  • A banner (2x1 meters or so) reading "GNOME"

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