NF Computer Family

Indonesia's Will celebrate more, when our campus join among hosts of the GNOME 3.0 launch party on April, 2011


NF Computer - LP3T Nurul Fikri - IGOS Center Depok - KOMTI Depok located in Depok, West java, Indonesia will celebrate and join the launch. We welcome all of you to come and discover the power of GNOME.

Date and time : Saturday (Sabtu), 9 April 2011, at 10am - 1pm (3 hour). Place : NF Computer/LP3T-NF/IGOS Center Depok/KOMTI Depok Sekretariat, Jalan Margonda Raya 522 Depok 16424 West Java, INDONESIA

Event Schedule :

  1. Introduction of GNOME 3.0
  2. Demo & Customizing GNOME - "Discovering" Power of Gnome

Contact person : Danil Syahrizal Email :

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