GNOME 3.24 Release Video

The release video covers what's new in GNOME this cycle. The video is released along with the release notes, primarily as engagement marketing material. It is hosted on the GNOMEDesktop Youtube channel


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[Lockscreen] [Log in] [Show the GNOME desktop]
[Camera: Slowly zoom out, a laptop appears, its not just a screen.]
GNOME is a free desktop for your computer.

[Glass effects], [Quick interaction style preview] [the shell, apps]
It's a large project creating a modern and elegant desktop experience.

[Laptop rotates laptop, community])
Behind the project is a community of contributors who have worked together to bring you GNOME 3.24.

[Application Grid, slow zoom in]
The release includes quite a lot of changes to polish and fortify GNOME's applications and libraries.

[Control center icon and all the improved subpanel icons]
Within the past year, GNOME's control center has been a focus.

[user accounts panel and printer panel (Feborges screencast)])
The User Accounts panel, Online Accounts panel and the Printer panel have been modernized.

[Night Shift Light: TO RECORD]
The display panel supports automatically shifting the screen light according to time of day. This create less strain on your eyes at night.

[Wacom panel: Garnacho screencast]
If you own a drawing tablet, you can now use it under Wayland. The Wacom tablet panel also includes a small drawing area you can use to test your settings with.

-- brief pause --

[Lock icon, GNOME Web Icon, Tracking dialog: TO RECORD]
The GNOME community values your privacy. That's why, by default, the new release of GNOME Web protects you from being tracked when browsing the Internet.

[GNOME Web Bookmarks]
Web also comes with a new popover menu for bookmarks, enabling you to easily tag and organize your favorite websites.

Many other applications have also improved this cycle including..

[App Carousel]

  • Calendar, which now has a weekly view to help you manage your schedule.
  • Polari, with new contextual popovers and notification functionality.
  • Software, which has had its visuals revamped for displaying updates.
  • And Recipes, which is a new application containing recipes made by many members of the GNOME community.

-- brief pause --

Developers can look forward to an improved GNOME Builder with solid support for building containerized applications with flatpak. Builder also supports multiple build systems such as CMake, Autotools, Cargo and Meson.

-- brief pause --

[Contributors hold hands on globe animation]
Many of these features have come to be, thanks to heroes around the globe who have taken the initiative to organize events for the GNOME community.

[ Timeline ]
During the work on GNOME 3.24 a number of GNOME events took place such as:

  • [Photo] ..The Libre Application Summit in Portland
  • [Photo] ..The GNOME Bug Squash Month initiative with 6 participating local groups.
  • [Photo] ..The Core Apps Hackfest in Berlin.

..and many other great events. [note: we are displaying a timeline with all events at this point.]

-- brief pause --

GNOME could not exist without its supporting community. The project consists of many teams of contributors who volunteer their time to help advance the free desktop. Are you interested in helping with engagement, translation, documentation or coding? We have guides and friendly people to help you get started. With your help, free software and GNOME can continue to grow.

[Thank you screen: Thank the many friends of GNOME, link to become a friend too!]


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  • RafaelFontenelle - If there is any time left, how about adding something about Piotr Drąg's work on implementing Unicode chars in compliance with HIG Typography? (BGO#772263)

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