3.24 Release Notes Items

Changes in GNOME 3.24, to be potentially mentioned in the release notes.

Please note that this page does not need to be pretty or well-written. It's just a list that will be used to make the actual release notes.

See also the advice about the schedule and translation.

Also see feature plans for 3.24

Attention Press/Reviewers This is a work in progress. Items aren't checked for correctness. Statements may be completely wrong. Very large changes could be forgotten. Please wait until the final release notes are done. This page will not contain everything that will be in the final release notes.


List any changes that:

  • Affect users, administrators or developers.
  • Are something people have been hoping for or discussing widely.
  • Feature, usability, performance, internationalization or accessibility improvements.

Even small changes are interesting, and can sometimes be combined into wider themes.

Provide this information:

  • What the module (application) is.
  • What the change is.
  • How it will look and work from a user perspective.
  • Why it is better than what we had before.

Be as descriptive as you like. It is better too long than too short. Links and screenshots are very welcome!

What's new for users


  • Week view
    • Beautiful and slick view of your events
    • Allows Drag n' Drop events to reschedule them


  • Support Famicom Disk System games

  • Libretro
  • UI
    • Show a spinner notification when loading games
    • Smooth out the collection icons arrangement
    • Hide menubar when the app menu is disabled
    • Explain the errors with a message
    • Allow smooth or sharp video filtering for retro games
    • Save whether fullscreen is used for games
    • Save the size of the window
    • Save whether the window is maximized
  • Flatpak version
    • Allow to run NES games
    • Allow to run TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine games

    • Allow to run Neo Geo Pocket games


  • Add search popover to query logs by journal fields and time
  • Improved search performance


  • Experimental support for Public Transportation routing. Designed using interviews. Based on OpenTripPlanner. Turned off by default in the UI for now.

  • Easy get the way back from a trip again with the Reverse a Route-button.


  • Improved thumbnail grid
    • Ported to GtkFlowBox

    • Tries harder to generate hi-res thumbnails
  • Improved editing
    • New exposure and blacks tools
    • Smoother animation when showing previews
  • Others
    • Notify when an online account needs attention
    • Show GPS location information


  • Contextual user popovers.

    • Allows you to click a user's nickname to see user details.
    • Quick way to start a private conversation
    • Get notifications when offline users goes online.
  • Ability to keep running in the background
  • Room list in join dialog
  • Spell checking support


New application with lots of great features.

  • Browse by cuisine or allergies
  • Add your own recipes
  • Print recipes
  • Automatically update ingredients depending on number of servings
  • Cook it later and favourites
  • Add notes to recipes
  • Fullscreen cooking mode
  • Share recipes by email

Updated icons

Details please!

(Note: Web has a new icon.)


  • More attractive typography: as suggested by the HIG, quotation marks have been replaced by their left and right counterparts, apostrophes and ellipses are now used, minus signs have been replaced by dashes…


  • Improved updates view
  • New visuals for installed apps


  • Address bar is now always visible, fixing discoverability issue for new users.
  • New popover menu for viewing and switching between open tabs, makes it easier to manage large numbers of open tabs.
  • New popover-based user interface for managing bookmarks. New star in address bar for bookmarking pages.
  • New popover hamburger menu.
  • Improved detection of forms for saving and filling passwords, allowing passwords to be saved on more websites.
  • New warning about insecure password forms, more aggressive than the warnings recently added by some major browsers, ensures users are aware their passwords will be visible to watchers.
  • Added EasyPrivacy tracking protection, enabled by default.

  • New personal data dialog allows viewing and deleting HTML local and session storage, IndexedDB, and WebSQL. These can be thought of like cookies, except more powerful, but other browsers do not allow you to view or clear them. It also allows deleting disk cache, memory cache, and offline web application cache.
  • New dialog for configuring and managing search engines.
  • Built-in support for arbitrary DuckDuckGo-style search engine bangs, to make it easier to select the search engine you want to use when typing in the address bar.

Screenshots: web-address-bar-visible.png, web-bookmarks-popover.png, web-insecure-form-warning.png, web-tab-management-popover.png


  • dual-GPU devices now have both graphics cards' names displayed in the Details panel
  • Wacom settings have been improved, and modernised (Wayland support, OSD now in gnome-shell) (ask CarlosGarnacho for details)

  • Online Accounts panel redesign (?)
  • Printers panel redesign (including the new "Add Printer" dialog)
  • User Accounts panel redesign
  • More work on the Keyboard panel redesign


  • Night Light! (or Natural Light Filter or whatever it will be called)
  • on dual-GPU machines, you can launch applications on the secondary/discrete/more powerful GPU:
  • Refined notification interface

  • Weather information in the Date+Time drop-down
  • "chrome-gnome-shell" now provides Firefox support, just in time for Firefox 52 which disables traditional NPAPI addons like the old GNOME Shell extension. Opera is also supported.


  • The tracker indexing service has been sandboxed for better resilience against attacks.


  • Improved complex numbers handling
  • Better error highlighting and error messages in equations
  • New Variables and Functions popovers
  • Keyboard shortcuts dialog
  • Improved history view appearance

What's new in accessibility

What's new for administrators

  • gnome-settings-daemon's plugins were split up in separate binaries, making it more resilient to crashes, and easier to debug.

What's new for developers


  • Has a new build pipeline with increased support for flatpak, cmake, meson, and rust.
  • Gained the ability to install and update flatpak and rust SDKs and toolchains.
  • Can be used to start contributing to many GNOME applications.
  • Support for Valgrind

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