GNOME 3.26 Release Video

The release video covers what's new in GNOME this cycle. The video is released along with the release notes, primarily as engagement marketing material. It is hosted on the GNOMEDesktop Youtube channel. The project is edited in Blender, released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license with source files available on Github.



GNOME 3.26 is here, packed with 6 months of exciting changes by the community.

The Shell is GNOME’s user interface and this cycle it has received a visual overhaul of its search, giving you a better overview. Application windows can now tile in four directions with animated transitions.

GNOME's interface is configured from the Control Center, which features a new sidebar making it possible to jump between settings easily to find what you are looking for. A dedicated Wi-Fi area ensures easy and logical access for managing wireless connections. The Display Settings are quicker to access so you can configure common setups such as single displays, joint displays and mirror.

Many improvements have also landed for GNOME apps:

  • Simple Scan has had a redesign of its editing tools.
  • Polari now comes with an initial setup to get you started quickly and has support for sending and receiving emojis.
  • Logs gained event compression for better overview.
  • Photos has new Zoom Controls.
  • ..and Disks gained the ability to resize partitions and new disk image files.

Developers can look forward to big additions in Builder. It features a new visual design and animations. An initial built-in debugger enables you to debug application threads and add breakpoints. And much more such, as Integrated Symbol Search, Inline Documentation and Word Completion made by this year's Google Summer of Code Students.

GNOME is a world wide project and with your help we can push software freedom to the next level. Have a chat with us or read more at

Video Recording

Recording script and instructions README can be downloaded from here:

Green Screening

  • 🗹 Control Center
  • 🗹 Simple Scan
  • 🗹 Polari Initial Setup
  • 🗹 Polari Emoji Support
  • 🗹 Logs
  • 🗹 Disks
  • 🗹 Builder
  • 🗹 Photos


  • 🗹 Teaser/Intro
  • 🗹 Background
  • 🗹 Background in other colors?
  • 🗹 Developers
  • 🗹 Outtro


e.g. suggestions to contents, speaker style and any questions.

* Music suggestion: Water Lily - DJ Nobody (used by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto in

  • Thanks! -Bastian

* Suggestion: GNOME Settings has now a new layout, also delivering an awesome change in Network Panel to be more consistent with the overall layout, which includes now dedicated icons. More info in

* Suggestion: BuildStream is being developed as a solution for centralization of build metadata. It is working well already, but still under heavy development. (See the introduction, and subsequent articles, in

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