Wacom Panel Improvements

Status: Implementation in progress


With GNOME 3.2, the control-center has gained a panel to configure Wacom graphics tablets. It is fairly basic and lacks some functionality that is expected by users of such devices:

  • the ability to calibrate the tablets (required for a subset of devices)
  • the ability to configure button mappings
  • the ability to assign monitors to the device

Moreover, we panel needs to be able to

  • configure multiple tablets
  • store configuration per-device
  • identify tablets and their capabilities

For background information, see this interview with Peter.


Bastien Nocera

Involved Parties

Peter Hutterer is working on Wacom tablet support on the X level.

Affected modules: gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon, maybe GTK+

Current Status

A design is needed for how to integrate the missing functionality in the existing panel. The existing design Design/SystemSettings/Tablet may already answer some of these questions. Implementation of the necessary infrastructure has begun.

gnome-control-center and gnome-settings-daemon have already gained the capability to manage multiple tablets and styli, and store per-device configuration. A test framework has been added that can simulate input devices.

Calibration and button mapping have been implemented in gnome-control-center 3.3.4.

The identification of tablets will make use of a new library, libwacom, that is being developed here. libwacom has been added to gnome-suites-core-deps-3.4; tarball releases are available now.

How to Help

Contact Bastien or Peter.

If you use a graphics tablet with GNOME 3.2 or 3.3, tell us what features are or are not working for you. What is missing ?

libwacom makes use of a database to identify tablet models and their features. We need to populate this database. If you own a wacom tablet that is not currently identified by the wacom panel, please contact Bastien to learn how to add your table to the database.

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