High Contrast / HighContrastInverse Themes

Status: Completed


GNOME has always shipped these accessibility themes. A large part of their effect is to switch out the icon theme with one that has suitable variants of the regular icons. With GNOME 3, we've introduced symbolic icons, which in many aspects are similar to the high-contrast icons. The goal of this feature is to avoid the duplication and reuse the symbolic icons for the accessibility themes.

This can be done in two ways, either by copying and adjusting the symbolic icons at build time, or at runtime. For 3.4, it will be easier to aim for the build-time approach.

For more information, see High Contrast/High Contrast Inverse Themes.


Meg Ford

Involved Parties

Affected modules: gnome-themes-standard, gnome-icon-theme, gtk+

Cosimo Cecchi, artists

Current Status

Implemented in 3.4 - a HighContrast PNG icon theme is now generated from gnome-icon-theme-symbolic and shipped in gnome-themes-standard.

How to Help

Get in touch with Meg or Cosimo

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