Status: In progress


It would be wonderful to have a simple GNOME 3 app for accessing other computer systems or images.

For more information and tentative designs, please visit this page.

Involved Parties

Designers: Jon McCann and Jakub Steiner.

Developers: Zeeshan Ali and Marc-Andre Lureau.

Current Status

gnome-boxes and related modules will see initial tarball releases in the second half of November (hopefully in time for 3.3.3), and the new modules have been added to the jhbuild moduleset gnome-apps-3.4.

Initial releases of gnome-boxes and its dependencies can be found here:

gnome-boxes in 3.4 will be mostly a preview - a lot more work is expected to happen for 3.6.

How to Help

We intend to make use of libvirt, libvirt-glib and libosinfo so any contributions to these libraries will most probably help us. libvirt-glib and libosinfo especially are very much in their infancy so they need a lot of work to be useful for our purposes.

The source code is in gnome-boxes.

Discussions (especially on design) takes place on #boxes IRC channel.

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