Network Zones

Status: After discussion with the designers, it seems unlikely that this will happen


Firewalld is being developed to provide a comprehensive userspace API to iptables and similar network filtering technologies in the kernel. As a user-friendly high-level API, it implements network 'zones', which represent predefined firewall configurations. The default set of zones will include things like 'Home', 'Office', 'Untrusted'. It is possible for administrators to define new zones or change the configuration of existing zones.

NetworkManager is getting enhanced to interact with firewalld to assign network connection to zones.

The GNOME networking-related UIs need to gain some awareness of network zones, which is what this feature is about.

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Involved Parties

For the firewalld part, Thomas W├Ârner

For the NetworkManager part, Dan Winship

Affected modules: gnome-control-center (network panel), gnome-shell (network menu)

Current Status

firewalld is already available in Fedora 16, but the zone APIs are not there yet. The NetworkManager integration is in the planning phase. UI bits have not been started yet, with the exception of firewalld support in the control-center printer panel.

How to Help

Discussion of NetworkManager and firewalld issues can happen on networkmanager-list

Discussion of UI and design could happen on desktop-devel-list or #gnome-design

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