Colour Tinting in GNOME Shell

Status: Needs a GUI.


Certain vision and cognitive problems are accommodated by tinting the view. As of GNOME 3.6, the GNOME Shell magnifier has this functionality, but lacks a user interface.


UI Designer, Joseph Scheuhammer

Involved Parties

gnome-control-center, a11y team

Current Status

Sep 20, 2012

  • GNOME Shell magnifier has the ability to alter the brightness and contrast on a per channel basis (RGB).
  • GSettings has settings for brightness and contrast separately for each channel in org.gnome.desktop.a11y.magnifier.

  • Missing: A GUI to allows users to manipulate these settings and choose the tint they want.

There is a demo app that uses three spinners each for brightness and contrast. This is not a polished UI, but demonstrates the idea. A screen shot of the desktop with a red tint is shown below. The multi-spinner GUI is shown in this screen capture.

Screen shot of red tint effect

Figure 1. Screen shot of red tint effect.


A mockup for integrating tinting into the zoom options can be found here.

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