Integrate PicasaWeb in GNOME Photos

Status: Done


GNOME Photos currently has support for Flickr and Facebook photos. We plan to add PicasaWeb to the list of supported services using the Picasa support in libgdata, a library to access online web services using Google's GData protocol.


Saurav Agarwalla

Involved Parties

Debarshi Ray, Saurav Agarwalla

Affected modules: gnome-online-accounts, gnome-online-miners, gnome-photos

Current Status

Tracker bugs:

  • (./) #731269 Wrong scope information in authorization domain (libgdata)

  • (./) #732890 Refresh authoriser on receiving SOUP_STATUS_NOT_FOUND (libgdata)

  • (./) #728877 Photo support for PicasaWeb (gnome-online-accounts)

  • (./) #728878 PicasaWeb miner (gnome-online-miners)

  • (./) #711563 Support PicasaWeb (gnome-photos)

How to Help

Contact any of the involved parties


Other relevant libgdata fixes - Commit 98e8a16c9cdb4efcb3e2f98e44622469765accfb

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