GNOME Hitori

Status: ready


  • Add GNOME Hitori to official GNOME releases/modulesets


Hitori is a number game from the creators of Sudoku. It's similar to Sudoku, but quicker and easier to play.

GNOME Hitori already uses the GNOME infrastructure for version control and to host releases; now we want to add it to be part of the official GNOME modulesets.

It is similar or higher in quality to the 15 games that are already released as part of GNOME, and will be switching to the GNOME release cycle beginning with 3.13.4.

Involved Parties

MichaelCatanzaro, PhilipWithnall

Affected modules: hitori

Current Status

GNOME Hitori has been redesigned to follow modern GNOME 3 design patterns.

GNOME Hitori has recently been added to the gnome-apps moduleset, but is not yet included in meta-gnome-apps-tested pending release team approval.

How to Help

There are a couple of regressions that need fixed, tracked on Bugzilla.


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