Browse DLNA Media Servers in GNOME Photos

Status: Completed


With this, we want to turn GNOME Photos into a Digital Media Player (or DMP) that can browse DMSes (DLNA Media Server) on a local network. It will also extend existing DMC (DLNA Media Controller) capabilities. Currently it can push the local/cloud content to DMRs (DLNA Media Renderer). With it acting like a DMP now, content can be pushed from DMSes to DMRs.

Media Servers are added in gnome-online-accounts. Miner mines the contents for the available media servers (online) which acts as an input to the gnome-photos for displaying (DMP) and pushing it to other DMRs.


Pranav Kant

Involved Parties

Debarshi Ray, Pranav Kant

Affected modules: gnome-online-miners, gnome-online-accounts, gnome-photos

Current Status

Tracker bugs:

  • (./) #730890 Add a provider for DMSes (gnome-online-accounts)

  • #728912 Mine photos from DMSes (gnome-online-miners)

  • (./) #728913 Show contents of DMSes (gnome-photos)

How to Help

Contact any of the involved parties


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