Feature Plans

This page lists major technical and user experience plans, and is intended as a way for contributors, distributors and partners to find out what to expect from future GNOME releases. It is maintained by the GNOME Release Team.

The features that are listed on this page can include user-facing changes (such as significant design or user interface changes) or initiatives that are primarily technical in nature. New modules or applications are considered to be features. A feature should be listed if it will impact on modules, distributions, or users in a non-trivial way.

Features should not be random wish list items. Each one should have an assigned owner.

GNOME contributors should ensure that the Release Team is informed of feature plans at an early stage, and are added to this list. An email to desktop-devel-list is also recommended as a good way to raise awareness about your plans.

Plans for GNOME 3.18


Ongoing work is aiming to make it possible to have a full Wayland session with GNOME.

Automatic Backlight handling

On laptops which have an ambient light sensor, we want to make use of it to regulate the backlight brightness. This should also work with ColorHugALS, which is an external ambient light sensor in a usb device.

  • Owner: Bastien Nocera, Richard Hughes
  • Affected modules: gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-control-center, iio-sensor-proxy (new dependency)


The GNOME Calendar application was released as a preview for 3.16. We are planning to make it mature enough to be a reliable and competent calendar application for 3.18.


New Character map application that was previewed in 3.16. Will hopefully be ready for prime time in 3.18.

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