Privacy Settings

Status: Done


Add a settings panel for privacy-related settings, and implement them throughout the desktop.


Matthias Clasen

Involved Parties

The maintainers of gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon, gsettings-desktop-schemas, gtk and gnome-shell, as well as the GNOME designers.

Current Status

A design can be found here: Design/SystemSettings/Privacy.

The implementation is tracked in various bugs:

  • (./) #688578 (gsettings-desktop-schemas) add a privacy schema

  • (./) #689048 (gsettings-desktop-schemas) privacy: Add trash and temp files related settings

  • (./) #688576 (gsettings-desktop-schemas) add a show-full-name key in the screensaver schema

  • (./) #688577 (gnome-shell) Make it possible to hide the users name from permanent display

  • (./) #689049 (gsettings-desktop-schemas) privacy: Add recent-files related settings

  • (./) #689050 (gnome-settings-daemon) xsettings: Export recent files max age xsetting

  • (./) #689047 (gtk+) Obtain the recent files max age setting from xsettings

  • (./) #149572 (gnome-settings-daemon) Automatic remove file from Trash if it was deleted longer then N days ago

  • (./) #687774 (gnome-control-center) Implement the Privacy panel designs

  • (./) #687779 (gnome-icon-theme) App icon for the privacy settings panel

  • #689529 (gnome-control-center) privacy: implement 'visible on the local network'

  • #689530 (gnome-control-center) privacy: implement 'visible over bluetooth'

The design moves the screen lock related settings from the screen panel to the privacy panel. After that, the screen panel is not viable anymore, and it becomes necessary to implement the new power panel design, to move the screen power saving settings there and kill the screen panel. Most of the new power panel design has landed now, the remaining part is tracked here:

  • (./) #691002 power: implement 'smart' screen power saving

How to Help

Contact the any of the involved parties

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