Integrated Application Search

Status: in progress


Applications can now act as search providers for GNOME Shell. This means that the Activities Overview search view needs to be flexible enough to include results from lots of different applications. Design page

Additionally, we will make search configurable, with a Search panel in the control-center. The panel will allow changing the order in which search providers results are shown in the overview, and it will allow turning individual providers on and off. Design page

Individual applications, such as nautilus and gnome-documents will gain some preferences to configure which folders to index with tracker.


Jasper for the shell part, Cosimo for the control-center, gnome-documents and nautilus parts

Involved Parties

Affected modules: gnome-shell, gnome-control-center, gnome-documents, nautilus


Much of the gnome-shell work was done as a part of a GSoC project. It now lives in a branch: wip/re-search. Some initial re-layout work has already been merged to git master.

The control-center panel has been implemented in #687490 and merged for 3.7.3.

The initial shell search changes have landed in 3.7.4.

searchpanel1.png searchpanel2.png

Individual applications need to have their search providers patched for the new API:

  • (./) #685229 (gnome-boxes) shell-provider: adapt for new SearchProvider interface

  • #685227 (gnome-contacts) shell-provider: adapt for new SearchProvider interface

  • (./) #690963 (bijiben) search-provider: implement support for the new DBus interface

  • #690577 (gnome-control-center) add a shell search provider

  • #690822 (gnome-control-center) Add gnome-control-center to the default search providers

How to Help

Contact AllanDay, Cosimo or Jasper

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