3.2 release notes items

Major changes in GNOME 3.2, to be mentioned in the release notes. Please make a list here when we reach feature freeze.

Please note that this does not need to be pretty. It's just a list that will be used to make the actual release notes. In fact, if it's too pretty, people will link to it and complain that it's not perfect.

See also the advice about the schedule and translation.

/!\ Attention: Press/reviewers: This is a work in progress. Items aren't checked for correctness. Statements may be completely wrong. Very large changes could be forgotten. Please wait until the final release notes are done. This page will not contain everything that will be in the final release notes.


Major changes are those that:

  • Affect lots of people (users, administrators, or developers.)
  • Are something people have been hoping for or discussing widely.
  • Feature, usability, performance, internationalization or accessibility improvements.

{i} Provide this information:

  • What the module (application) is.
  • What the change is.
    • Why it is important.
    • How it can be accessed.

Be as descriptive as you like.

What's new for users


  • Dark theme: media applications can now opt to use a dark theme variant. This is used by totem and eog.
  • Clean UI: focus rectangles will only be shown when the user is using the keyboard to interact with an app
  • Invisible borders: Drag to resize a window can now be triggered in a larger area around the visible border
  • Rounded corners: Rounded window corners are smoothly antialiased
  • A redesigned font chooser dialog
  • Redesigned user interaction in the file chooser dialog (see federicos posts for details)
  • New login screen in GNOME 3 optics

GNOME Applications


  • Switched to Mallard help


  • Switched to Mallard help


  • new contact management app
  • shows contacts from various sources, including eds and accounts set up with gnome-online-accounts
  • see Design/Apps/Contacts


  • new document management app
  • gives you an overview of your documents, including google docs accounts set up with gnome-online-accounts
  • see Design/Apps/Documents



  • New online accounts panel
  • New color management panel
  • Ability to set regional settings in Region panel
  • New panel for configuring Wacom graphics tablets



  • Snippets:
    • Updated mallard snippets
    • New markdown snippets
  • New look for quickopen dialog
  • The search popup is using now css and a more gnome 3 style.



  • New log viewer, see [[http://blog.desmottes.be/post/2011/08/26/Shiny-new-UI-in-Empathy-3.2|this blog post]

  • SIP accounts can now be marked as being able to make PSTN calls. Such accounts can be used to call landline and mobile phones of contacts.
  • Empathy's preference dialog displays a preview of themes and allow to choose a specifc variant for Adium themes. We can also mark unread messages and color nicks in such themes.

What's new for administrators

What's new for developers


  • GApplication can now be used for non-unique apps
  • GLib now installs a separate header for Unix-specific APIs: glib-unix.h. Among other things, it provides a mainloop source for Unix signals
  • GDBus supports the 'object manager' pattern with a number of new interfaces
  • GDBus has a code generator now: gdbus-codegen
  • Atomic operations have been rewritten to use gcc builtins; calls with explicit casts may be problematic
  • Atomic operations on pointers have been added, including bit-locks on pointer-size locations
  • The units policy has been changed to prefer SI units, g_format_size_for_display() has been deprecated in favor of g_format_size()
  • Support for HMAC digests has been added: GHmac
  • An interface for certificate and key lookup has been added: GTlsDatabase. An implementation is provided by glib-networking


  • Entries can contain 'hints' now, see gtk_entry_set_placeholder_text()
  • Many more widgets support height-for-width geometry management, it is important to set reasonable sizes on labels and check window sizes
  • new widgets
  • Much improved CSS theming support, including style classes for primary and inline toolbars


  • New languages:
    • Markdown
    • Standard ML


What's new for accessibility users

  • Performance improvements and other stuff (We've got a draft to include in the release notes, pending of approval by a11y coordinator)


Plans for the next release

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