Crypto Glue

Status: 50% (some parts shipping with 3.2)


Using PKCS#11 as glue so that applications can access the same certificates and keys. This allows apps to behave consistently when dealing with certificate authorities, or using keys, smart cards, etc. Not replacing crypto libraries, but gluing them together with PKCS#11 standard.

This involves splitting parts of gnome-keyring out into desktop neutral libraries. These allow applications to access different certificate and key store modules:

Integrate these into glib into a GTlsDatabase.

For more details, see CryptoGlue.


Stef Walter

Involved Parties

glib, gnome-keyring, gcr, seahorse

Current Status

50% done

  • p11-kit has been tested, released, and is in distros.
  • GTlsDatabase has been merged, but the PKCS#11 backend has not (waiting on gnutls dependency).
  • Gnome Keyring, Gcr, Empathy have been integrated.
  • Status of other applications

How to Help

Discussion on, or #keyring on

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