3.20 Test Days

This is the planning page for GNOME 3.20 test days. The goal of these days is to identify bugs to be targetted for the release, including rough edges on new features, regressions from the 3.19.x development cycle, and general polish to the out of the box experience.

The test days initiative is intended to be informal and low-key, with minimal bureacratic overhead. If you wish to help, just follow the simple instructions below.

Test Dates

Use the pages below to record test results:

Test Instructions

For each testing session, the goal is to walk through the release as a new user would experience it, taking notes and making screenshots of any bugs encountered along the way.

General guidelines:

  • Test using the latest code from master. GNOME Continuous images are recommended, but you can also use JHBuild.

  • Take notes of your findings and add them to the test day page. Where possible, file bugs or link to existing reports. Take screenshots and videos of the issues as appropriate.
  • When using GNOME Continuous, check the list of known issues to make sure you don't report problems with the Continuous images as actual bugs.

  • Look out for issues found in previous tests: it's useful to know if they've been fixed or not.

What to test :

  • Try to test as a user would experience a new installation: start with a blank slate (GNOME Continous images are good for this), and do the types of things that new users will often do: change the background, add some music or photos, install some apps.
  • Spend time with a broad range of applications, particularly the core apps.
  • Take time to test any new features and changes, as listed in the draft release notes.

  • Where possible, test using your own accounts and data - try importing documents, photos and music, or try adding your own online accounts.
  • Imagine that you are taking the software for a test drive: test the various features and make sure that they work correctly.
  • When testing, look out for both functional issues and visual or polish problems. Remember that first impressions count, so pay particular attention to initial states and the overall tone of the experience.

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